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March 21, 20230

5 tech companies, 2 universities and 1 investment fund have joined the DHI Cluster community


On March 15, 2023, the Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria (DHI Cluster Bulgaria) welcomed 5 tech companies, 2 universities, and 1 official partner during its “DHI Community Growth” event, dedicated to gathering the newly joined companies together and introducing them to the DHI community. The event took place in the office of Roche Bulgaria and gathered more than 40 people, among which representatives of member companies from various industries, honorary members, and official partners.

The event took place in an informal environment, within 4 hours, during which the representatives of the newly joined companies had the chance to give a short presentation about their activities, to discuss important points, and last but not least, to experience the spirit of the DHI community and to exchange useful information with the attendees over a glass of wine during the networking part of the event.

The DHI Cluster is more than honored to welcome all new members on board, thanks to which its digital health ecosystem has become even more diversified, and respectively, more capable of providing solutions aimed at solving the challenges of today’s healthcare. We believe in the positive impact incurred from effective cross-industry collaboration and that’s why we are here to stimulate expertise-exchange, joint projects, and mutual support in building the strong digital health community.

“For the past four years, the DHI Cluster has been adding mainly tech companies to its community, which, of course, added a great value to our digital health ecosystem. Today, I’m happier than ever to announce that the Cluster has added more diversified healthcare stakeholders to its value chain – these are 5 tech companies, 2 universities, MU-Pleven and MU-Plovdiv, and an investment company. Together with them, we become even stronger,” shared Mira Ganova, executive director of the DHI Cluster.

Mira Ganova, Executive Director of the DHI Cluster

DHI Members:

Lepzi is a company working in the field of high-performance technologies for medical diagnostics and medical care. The company has extensive experience in the design and development of medical devices, prototypes, and reagents to the application of specialized processes for production and quality control. Lepzi is providing immunofluorescent blood tests and services for testing the presence of following markers within whole blood or plasma: BNP, PLGF, cTnI, D-Dimer – 15 minutes qualitative test results, not requiring any previous experience or knowledge for working with the products.

Hubis is an IT company with over ten years of experience in the healthcare industry, specialized in medical software development, electronic health record, personalized medicine, and telemedicine. Among the developed solutions in the field of healthcare are Dedicated medical software (“MedSoft Hospital”), Hubis Telemedicine Station, and Electronic health record.

Software Company is a Bulgarian company that specializes in software development. For its 27 years of experience, the company has delivered high quality software products and managed software projects from the inception of the idea to requirements, design, coding, testing, and disseminating. The company has worked with local and international partners and is the largest provider of PACS solutions in Bulgaria.

Sirma Medical Systems is a global provider of innovative solutions in the healthcare sector by developing mobile applications and integrated platforms for monitoring chronic conditions or acute health issues. The platforms provide clinicians with the right tools to monitor multiple patients from a single interface, examine charts and statistics as well as generate reports. Striving towards a digital healthcare future is at the core of the company.

Scalefocus is a software development and digital services company founded in 2012. Their goals are to provide tailored software solutions and services that empower businesses to grow and meet the challenges of our modern world. The company works with businesses from all around the world that specialize in various fields one of which is Healthcare. Since its foundation, the company has 500+ successfully completed projects for 300+ clients, among which Fortune 500 companies, innovative start-ups, and established leaders.

Medical UniversityPleven (MU-Pleven) has been developing dynamically for its almost 50 years of existence and currently stands out on the map of higher medical education in Bulgaria and Europe with its contemporary profile of a leading educational and scientific center. Priorities in the development of the University are the introduction of minimally invasive and robotic surgery, telemedicine and 3D medicine, personalized medicine and bioprinting.

Medical University-Plovdiv (MU-Plovdiv) has the status of a research university, and it is one of the leaders in research activities in Bulgaria. The Research Institute at MU-Plovdiv develops in several priority scientific directions: molecular and regenerative medicine, 3D bioprinting, pharmaceutical innovations for personalized medicine, translational neuroscience, etc. The University’s world-class Data Center helps in the implementation and dissemination of cutting-edge research and high research output. The most innovative educational structure at MU-Plovdiv is the Medical Simulation Training Center, accredited by the American College of Surgeons (ACS-AEI).

DHI Partners:

Ocean Investments is a family-owned investment company focused on early-stage technology innovators in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia. Their mission is to identify and back the bold entrepreneurs with strong ideas that can be delivered by unique technology, customer traction and global ambition. The company is dedicated to supporting them in their growth plans, and to help them realize their vision and scale up rapidly. One of the focus industries of Ocean Investments is health tech along with cybersecurity and food tech.


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