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March 15, 20230

The digitalization of healthcare is a complex process, involving change, especially in the mindset of the different parties involved in the healthcare system. Healthcare professionals, medical students, technology companies, society – they all need to take an active role in shaping the healthcare of the future, so that the healthcare system effectively meets the needs of all its stakeholders.

The importance of changing the mindset and perception towards the digitalization of healthcare, directs the focus towards health education institutions which are a major source of scientific minds. They have the capacity to lead the digital transformation of the sector, creating an advantage for the country through effective collaboration with the technology sector aimed at generating local breakthrough innovations that can position Bulgaria as a destination for innovative digital healthcare. Therefore, integrating medical universities into the process of building a robust digital health ecosystem is key to developing the country’s environment and potential.

Part of this integrational process is the opportunity for health professionals and scientists to work with technology professionals and develop health solutions as a result. The direct cooperation of medical education institutions with technology businesses leads to fruitful partnerships, providing current and future scientists in the field with access to new and sustainable methods, helping to build contemporary knowledge and competencies. This, in turn, helps to position Bulgaria on the map of Europe as a country with significant expertise and contribution to the modernisation of healthcare.

“The healthcare system needs qualified professionals to receive quality training. For this purpose, MU-Pleven strives for a constant improvement of practical-oriented training, introduction of interactive training methods and development of the university information and communication infrastructure,” share representatives of the Medical University – Pleven, which is one of the newly joined members in the Cluster.

“Medical University – Plovdiv has a modern research infrastructure and several unique centers for the country. Many of the graduating students continue their professional development as teachers and scientists at the University. A determining factor for their choice is the leadership position of Medical University of Plovdiv with the status of a research university,“ they share from MU-Plovdiv.

Medical universities are starting to realize that modern health problems cannot be solved in a laboratory. Technology businesses, in turn, need a scientific platform on which to base their solutions. This mutual need creates a prerequisite for a symbiotic relationship between health education institutions and the technology industry, leading to the introduction of innovative solutions in the form of products and services. This affects positively the market for digital health solutions and enhances the country’s potential to become a hub for local health innovation.

“We at DHI Cluster, believe that the intersection of the academic and the digital environment is a serious prerequisite for the creation of experts in different fields and sub-fields, able to create local innovations aimed at digitalizing the healthcare system and stimulating the development of Bulgaria in scientific, social and economic terms,” says Mira Ganova, Executive Director of the Cluster.

For this reason, the Cluster is more than happy to announce that one of the leading medical universities in the country – MU-Pleven and MU-Plovdiv, have become members of our organization.

MU-Pleven and MU-Plovdiv are great examples of innovators on the map of higher medical education in the country and in Europe.


For its almost 50-year-old history Medical University – Pleven (MU-Pleven) has been developing dynamically, standing out on the map of higher medical education in Bulgaria and Europe with its contemporary profile of a leading educational and scientific center, attracting growing number of Bulgarian and international students. MU-Pleven provides education in 14 majors which include 4 Master’s and 10 Bachelor’s programs in 5 professional fields – medicine, pharmacy, health care, public health, and social activities

Priorities in the development of the University are the introduction of minimally invasive and robotic surgery, telemedicine and 3D medicine, personalized medicine and bioprinting. The priority of the academic leadership is to maintain sustainable development through modern infrastructure for scientific excellence with practical applicability and transfer of technology and knowledge to society.



MU-Plovdiv has the status of a research university, and it is one of the leaders in research activities in Bulgaria. The Research Institute at MU-Plovdiv develops in several priority scientific directions: molecular and regenerative medicine, 3D bioprinting, pharmaceutical innovations for personalized medicine, translational neuroscience, innovative technologies in medical and dental practice, health and quality of life in a green and sustainable environment, etc. Priority is given to scientific and applied research, the results of which have practical value for the general public and potential for market realization.

The University’s world-class Data Center helps in the implementation and dissemination of cutting-edge research and high research output. The most innovative educational structure at MU-Plovdiv is the Medical Simulation Training Center, accredited by the American College of Surgeons (ACS-AEI).


In times when informed, timely and effective solutions are increasingly important in adding value to healthcare services and solutions, we at the Cluster are more than happy to take on the role of orchestrator in the process of building an interconnected and sustainable healthcare community. For this purpose, we provide a platform aimed at connecting and stimulating collaboration between healthcare institutions and technology companies, with the aim of creating, implementing and scaling innovative and sustainable solutions locally and internationally.

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