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November 18, 20210

Together We Make DIGITAL HEALTH Accessible” is a joint international initiative inspired by the need for further collaboration in the healthcare sector. It aims to encourage the connection among innovative healthcare ecosystems worldwide, stimulate knowledge exchange and open new business opportunities. COVID-19 has shown us that it’s the right time to work together for more effective and sustainable healthcare systems based on data and technology, and accessible digital health solutions could be the right tool.


The initiative’s kick-off was a virtual event “Together We Make DIGITAL HEALTH Accessible,” organized by the US-Bulgarian Chamber in America and Digital Health and Innovation Cluster Bulgaria. This one-hour and a half event was held this Tuesday (November 16, 2021).

The event offered useful insights for the digital health transformation process and some of the technological tools, initiated from Bulgaria for building a sustainable and efficient healthcare system based on data and technology.

We are convinced that the US market can benefit from emerging digital health solutions, starting from Bulgaria, and through constructive and focused collaboration together we can make DIGITAL HEALTH accessible.

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Below you can find a short follow-up of the event, contacts, and online calendar of the presented companies for further collaboration meetings.

In addition, we are sharing with you the healthcare value chain (scan the QR code below) we have created with very concrete and accessible digital health solutions along the patient journey created by Bulgarian companies with the purpose to support the optimization of the patient pathway and the  operational healthcare processes.

The official opening remarks of the event were made by Andrew “Josh” Markus, Honorary Consul for the Republic of Bulgarian in the State of Florida, Michael Ross, IT Portfolio Manager at Leidos, and Eliz Nestorov, President of the US-Bulgarian Chamber in America. Immediately after the opening remarks, we heard from our keynote speaker: Shaun Newton about the importance of the ecosystem approach and the opportunity to foster the innovation by working in collaboration with emerging ecosystem across the world. He pointed out the importance of responsibility assumption for the health and wellbeing of all citizens.

DHI Cluster Bulgaria was represented by Milena Stoycheva, Chairperson of the organization and CEO of Junior Achievement, who shared with the audience the importance of leveraging Bulgaria as a partner country through the deep expertise of the IT companies in developing digital health solutions.

The first presented was MY Synergy, a digital transformation consultancy company, highlighting the increasing demand for continuous health services, patient adherence to therapy, and lack of international standardization as the main challenges to be addressed in the sector. MY Synergy’s commitment is to overcome these challenges by offering an emerging product – MY Care PSP: The complete patient pathway administrator” – a patient-centric modular platform facilitating the day-to-day management of PSPs. Yordan Iliev, CEO of the company, shared how exactly MY Care PSP increases patient retention by 32% and therapy adherence by 49%.

Book F2F meeting with Yordan Iliev here or contact him directly by email.

Ontotext, a global leader in enterprise knowledge graph technology and semantic database engines, was represented by Ilian Uzunov, Director Life-sciences, Pharma, Healthcare, and STM Publishing. He shared with the audience how efficiently healthcare professionals and drug R&D companies can track the impact of research activities in big hospitals and scientific centers, referencing a concrete successful use case of the company with a leading US Children Hospital. He pointed out the company’s relevant experience in helping customers get a 360-degree view on their research activities, identify trending topics, and distribute financial support more wisely among top priority scientific areas and specific research projects. Ilian focused on the potential of the knowledge graphs and how they can introduce an entirely new way for managing and consuming data and breaking existing data siloes.

Book F2F meeting with Ilian Uzunov here or contact him directly by email.

B EYE, a data analytics, connected planning, and automation solutions provider, was represented by the company’s Founder, Dimitar Dekov. He shared that B EYE is specialized in the Life sciences industry, where the company streamlines processes, provides actionable insights and improves efficiency through data and visualization. B EYE saves over 30 000 hours of manual labor yearly for their clients. In his presentation, Dimitar discussed how data analytics could use 97% of underutilized hospital data to improve patient engagement, reduce readmissions, eliminate clinical variations, and make informed and timely decisions.

Book F2F meeting with Dimitar Dekov here or contact him directly by email.

BGO Software, a design, development, and validation of digital health solutions company was represented by Ivan Lekushev, CEO. He presented critical key findings out of a survey done with IT leaders on the performance of their teams. Based on these insights, BGO Software offers a product called Project CTO as-a-service – a single point of contact, which by gaining a deep understanding of their client’s business, BGO’s industry-experienced technology leaders provide premium support in strategic decision-making processes and guarantee the success of the overall project.

Book an F2F meeting with Ivan Lekuchev here or contact him directly by email.

Soft Group, a software company providing end-to-end traceability technology, was represented by Venelin Dimitrov, CEE and founder. He stressed on the role of traceability and serialization in the pharma supply chain to enhance its safety and visibility. With SoftGroup® SaTT solutions, pharmaceutical serialization and aggregation are seamlessly integrated into production. Supply chain complexity is reduced to enable compliance with mature and emerging track and trace regulations. He presented a valuable case study on a fully automated packaging line with Track & Trace solution.

Book F2F meeting with Venelin Dimitrov here or contact him directly by email.

Special thanks to our brilliant moderator Diana Joseph, Corporate Accelerator Forum, who offered an outstanding moderation of the main topics presented during the event. You can contact her for further collaboration opportunities here.

We are looking forward to offering you the next exciting collaboration opportunity. Stay tuned!

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