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For 20 years now, JA Bulgaria has been a leading educational organization in Bulgaria, a member of a global network with an established reputation for providing innovative and modern 21st-century education to students from kindergarten to university. Our portfolio of educational products and services features programs in 3 thematic areas: entrepreneurship, financial literacy and employability skills. JA uses the Progression model “From ABC to PhD” – a spiral approach of education as a way to create sustainable entrepreneurial competencies. JA’s philosophy of teaching and learning is based on learning by doing and blended classroom using digital interactive content and high technologies. The business model of the organization features close collaboration with the business sector and practitioners who participate in the creation and delivery of educational content, training and services, and policy development in education and entrepreneurship. JA Bulgaria is a member of JA Worldwide and JA Europe and reaches 30,000 students from 450 locations in the country annually.

Novartis is a pharmaceutical company created in Switzerland in 1996 through a merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz. Novartis and its predecessor companies trace roots back more than 250 years, with a rich history of developing innovative products. Novartis uses science-based innovation to address some of society’s most challenging healthcare issues. Novartis discovers and develops breakthrough treatments and finds new ways to deliver them to as many patients as possible. In 2017 Novartis invested about €4.5m in R&D and infrastructure in Bulgaria. This investment includes 67 clinical trials, 27 of them in Oncology, which have provided access to innovative therapies and clinical monitoring for 1500 Bulgarian patients. Novartis has almost 200 medicinal products in its portfolio in Bulgaria. Novartis is a key partner of healthcare professionals, patients, institutions and society.

Check Point Cardio is an innovative Bulgarian company that produces a complete system for remote monitoring of patients. It consists of three components – a hardware device placed on a person’s body, software that digitizes information from live metrics in real time and sends it via Bluethooth to a mobile application. Subsequently, the application sends data to a server in a cloud platform through which physicians can monitor patients’ condition. A smartphone is also included in the system, which transmits real-time data and provides the patient with an additional opportunity to call the physician who is monitoring his/her condition in case of anxiety.

Monitors for individual use follow 24/7 over 8 vital indicators. They can be used for home monitoring of a patient’s condition by measuring heart rate, blood pressure, heart rate pressure, saturation (blood saturation with oxygen) of the blood, breathing, body temperature and at what position and activity the body stays. The monitors are also certified for use in a hospital setting, with the ability to replace hospital equipment.

Established in 2000 as part of Sirma Group, Ontotext is a leading global provider of semantic technology products and solutions. Ontotext helps various types of data and content-intensive businesses to make the most out of their structured and unstructured data by interlinking them both for the sake of more efficient metadata management, information discovery and advanced analytics. Ontotext value-added solutions are spread wide across Pharma and Healthcare companies value chain – covering complex semantic data integration solutions in drug discovery, drug development and manufacturing, drug safety and regulatory reporting. Our customers are top-tier pharma & biotech companies, science and technology publishers, media and financial information publishing, market intelligence and government organizations

Aptuso is a Bulgarian company with a focus on healthcare softwares and applications development. The company provides a combination of healthcare solutions such as Hospital Information System that covers all regulations and restrictions, Electronic Medical Record, Laboratories, ePrescriptions and Therapies, eReferrals, Home Care and Telemedicine, Population Health Management based on Big Data structure and Machine Learning algorithms which are must to cover the needs of hospitals and medical centres, medical universities, patients, governments and insurance companies. 100% web based platform, fully-integrated, easy to use, scalable Turn Key Solution. Aptuso’s main idea is to ensure data integrity, security and to enforce ethical exchange not only in traditional medical research, but also in healthcare management on any level, from hospitals, to regional, national and global level. Our mission is to move the patients into the center of the healthcare, to establish frames of the gathered patients data from the specialists, prevention based on sustainable data and GenChain analysis.

SAT Health is a certified pharma information and technology provider, operating on the Bulgarian market and performing:

  • Expert healthcare system analysis
  • Specialized market healthcare researches
  • Evidence-based consulting
  • HTA analysis
  • Technology solutions for the healthcare industry
  • Patient Support Programs

Our mission is to provide excellence in data processing, big data management and evidence-based consulting. All based and supported by state-of-the-art modern technology. SAT Health is certified by Lloyd’s Register, in accordance with ISO 27001/2017 for “Gathering, processing and analyzing data for pharmaceutical market and delivery of consulting services and solutions to healthcare organizations”.

Sqilline’s business is focused on the development of technologies and solutions in the fields of services, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. The company’s team has created Danny Platform – one of the first Analytics Healthcare platform for real-world data for two of the largest health areas in Central and Eastern Europe – oncology and cardiology. The solution provides real-time aggregated analyses of structured and unstructured health data with integration of registries, external clinical and drug databases, etc. It utilizes proprietary algorithms and methodologies for data quality, data validation and predictive insights based on de-identified patient records.Danny Platform can also analyse how specific factors influence and improve patient treatment and compare the effectiveness of different regimens to achieve better patient care. Sqilline is a leading SAP Partner in Europe in the areas of Precision Medicine, Life Science and Healthcare.

Concento Ltd. is a technology company developing a cloud-based platform for the 21st century healthcare industry.

Our vision for the future: Increase trust between doctor and patient by greatly improving and regulating communication between them. We enable all stakeholders in the healthcare process to work together – doctors, pharmacists, dentists, healthcare professionals, patients, administrators, agents, insurers, and all other related businesses. We place the patient at the center of the system and work to create paperless healthcare. We have the ambition to become the largest healthcare online-platform in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

FindMeCure is a next-generation platform allowing every person struggling with a medical condition to access treatments in development. We created and apply a unique matching algorithm that easily connects people worldwide with the most suitable studies for them in order to help:

  • Patients to easily find, understand and join clinical trials;
  • Doctors to be always up-to-date with research;
  • Researchers to expand their pool of eligible patients;
  • Companies and research centers to optimize their engagement with patients and bring better treatments to the public much sooner.

National Patients’ Organization is the largest patient umbrella association in Bulgaria unifying more than 85 organizations devoted to various socially significant and rare diseases. NPO is a full member of the European Patients’ Forum (EPF) and the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO). National Patients’ Organization is also one of the main initiators for the establishment of the Patient Access Partnership (PACT) and the Bulgarian “Health Partnership” – consultative body to the Council of Ministers to cooperate in developing and implementing public health policies and improving access to timely, adequate and effective medical services for citizens.

Mnemonica specializes in providing information security and regulatory compatibility, data management and storage, cloud technologies and virtualization, managed services and IT outsourcing. Among its customers are the top 10 financial institutions and the leading telecoms in Bulgaria. Since its founding in 2009, Mnemonica has successfully implemented more than 600 projects for 100+ customers in Bulgaria and abroad and positively influencing the jobs of over 100,000 employees from many different organizations. Since 2017, Mnemonica’s team has been assisting Bulgarian companies in their preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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